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Site optimization

Site selection and optimization are crucial steps for connectivity systems such as wireless backhauls, satellite or antenna technologies, maintenance, and optimization of optical and wireless systems. Our site optimization services enable our clients to get more efficient networks and durable data transmission in the most effective packages.

Sweep testing / OTDR testing

Sweep testing / OTDR testing equipment is used to characterize and troubleshoot fiber optic links. Fiber optic testing is a crucial stage to remain ahead of the market and closer to innovation. These tests, if not carried out by specialists, can cause wastage of time, materials, and money. Hence, hiring an ultimate specialist like us can save you so much in the long run.

DC load testing

DC load testing is a powerful tool for testing power appliances and the DC load banks are incredibly valuable in performing rectifier tests during current conversions. They are carried out by our professional technicians for optimal accuracy and satisfied customer service.

Path surveys

Path Surveys are critical before a wireless communication infrastructure can be established. This survey enables the quality parameters for the time when operations are carried out. The optimal performance of microwave communication networks is based upon efficiently carried out path surveys and analysis.

Mw transports

We have fully acknowledged the value and significance of quality installation, pathing, and testing of network services and microwave communications. These installations require deep understanding and detail-oriented plans to deliver satisfactory results. MW technology is a step towards innovation, and we are dedicated to spreading its awareness.

Bit error rate

It is mainly a unitless performance measure, performed by our professionals at the firm. It is essential to measure and track the performance of a wired/ wireless data channel. The test gives out simulation results as well as analytical characterization while minimizing the end-to-end bit error rate.

RF coverage

RF coverage enables signals to have their range inside buildings, tunnels, mines, through DAS networks. The electromagnetic radiations are analyzed systematically in this manner.

RF safety

Exposure to extreme levels of RF radiation can be deadly as it heats biological tissues rapidly. Hence, such radiations leave thermal effects on the human body and potentially cause tissue damage. The company opts, discusses, and concerns about the possible hazards that can be established to avoid this danger.

Testing + Troubleshooting

Testing and troubleshooting utilities are used to identify the cause of problems associated with connectivity networks. Our experts have curated the right steps for successful results in troubleshooting problems, from identifying the issue to observing the causes and then giving out their best solutions.

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